Re: Records From Secret Vatican Archive Offer New Clues to Response to Holocaust #holocaust

Ittai Hershman

"Holy Silence" an excellent 72 minute documentary that was released earlier this year just before the archives were opened, includes Kertzer among others, and aims to be as dispassionate as one can be.  I saw it two weeks ago as part of the (virtual) Jewish Film Institute.  The trailer can be viewed at:

See also the New York Times reporting on Kertzer's new find:

Apropos of Susan Gordon's comment, my wife and I happened to visit Rome on our way back from a wedding in Israel in late January, attended the Shabbat services in the Great Synagogue, and ate a lovely kosher dinner at Su'Ghetto on Via del Portico D’Ottavia (Primi: pasta w/ goose meat, and ravioli w/ sea bass and pears; Secondi: sweetbreads, and steak tartare).   In addition to the plaque, there are also several Stolpersteine on side streets.

Ittai Hershman
New York City

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