Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

Hello Neilan !
By entering the word with its exact spelling in GOOGLE Translation (do you know? always first to try, doesn't always give the solution), it is identified as being Hungarian (Magyar), and indeed also means trout (according to the head these are no herrings !). However, a bit strange anyway because Hungarian differs very widely from Slavic or Latin languages ​​(belongs to Finno-Ugric group of languages, of far-Asian origin). But maybe it is one of those slightly international words borrowed into  traditional Hungarian.
However, I could not find the z with a horizontal line, it is not part of the classic Magyar alphabet, so it is probably not a truel diacritical mark modifying the value of z but a mark of aesthetics (in French, in the  past, we also wrote the capital Z with a horizontal line, so I learned at school !).
If you knew the date of the photo, we could perhaps still confirm the thing with the price : 2000 . . which currency ?
I hope I have not been wrong with my explanations . . 

Kind regards,
Etienne JONES

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