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Not to beat a dead horse :~), but I have some thoughts on other people's replies ....

Pisztráng is indeed Hungarian for "trout".

While it is an unrelated language, Hungarian shares quite a bit of stray vocabulary with its Slavic neighbors. Many of these words are food-related: káposzta (cabbage), kolbász (sausage), cseresznye (sweet cherry), kása (porridge), mák (poppy seed), rák (crab), szalonna (bacon), vacsora (supper).

The crossbar on the Z is simply how that letter is written, I think to differentiate from the number 2.

Given the color photograph, the price has to be in forints, but I haven't been able to find a currency converter for the 1950s-60s. (Circa 1980 you got about 33 forints to the dollar, which would make for some very expensive fish.)

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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