Re: What was Ginsburg & Klausner, S Fallsburg, NY (Catskills) not listed as hotel #usa


Hi. I'm a member of the Local History of Sullivan County, NY group on Facebook, so I put the question to them. The only suggestion that came back was that Ginsburg & Klausner were real estate agents, as there are apparently a lot of transactions for them on Google. Hope that helps!

April French
London, UK
ZEIKOWITZ: Nemerov/Nemeroff, Podlia Gubernia, Russia (now Nemyriv, Vinnytsia, Ukraine)
ORENTLICH (ORENDLICH, ORENDLICHMAN, ORENDLICHMANN): Mariiampil/Mariyampil, Ukraine (formerly Marynopil, Russia) 
JACKSIER/JACKSON (DZIEKSIER, DZECKCIER, ZECHEIER, JEKSIN, SECHZIN): Strusow, Austria (now Strusiv, Ukraine) & Iwanowka (aka Janow), Austria (now Dolyna, Ukraine)

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