Looking for SCHVARTZ and FUCHS genealogy #general #russia

Maia Aisi

My name is Maia and I am from Argentina. I am trying to know about my family history, that may have been Jewish.
My great grandmother MARIA SCHVARTZ came to Argentina around 1912 at the age of 2-3 years with her parents JORGE JACOBO SCHVARTZ and CATALINA FUSCH and settled down in Entre Rios. 
I have found a Ship migration record where mentions Georg Shwartz (43 years old) with her wife Marie (42 years old) and Marie (2.5 years old) that departed from Liverpool (coming first from Odessa) on april 1912, and I think they might be them. I really don't know how to continue with the research.
I appreciate any information.
Thanks for your time!

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