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Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Concerning Paul, I can add these facts :
  • he was Austrian : thus he was citizen of a foe when WWII started on 1939, September 2nd
  • he was surely obliged to register and be detained in a French camp for German and Austrian citizen, I add immediately a camp with light rules (my Austrian-Galizianer GF & uncle were also there and I have pictures of them in this light detention of fall 1939 ).
  • Foreign Jews could leave these camps if they enrolled themselves in French Foreign Legion, as my GF & uncle did.
  • You can find 2 lists including Paul on this French Army web site :
  • Just type "Stransky" as name, Paul and Joseph appear. I attach Paul's documents.
  • During "phoney war" ( most of German and Austrian Legionnaires were sent in North Africa French departments (Algeria, Tunisia), so they couldn't be fighting directly against German troops.
  • You can hope to get Paul's Foreign Legion file at, your letter must be in French as it's our national and sole language : nobody is perfect...
  • David gave you all informations to get copy of Paul's naturalization file : it should be a reason why a 1st decree of 1938 (ref 51755 x 38) wasn't officially published (perhaps due to rising concerns with 3rd Reich, Munich's treaty, etc..) and Paul had to wait (being still alive...) 1946. Obviously his enrollment had been a good reason in his file.
  • I write it again : a French naturalization file contains about 20 to 40 documents with important informations about the incumbent's life. 
  • "White pages" are available in France, specially when you search a not so common name as Stransky :
    A person called Patrice is second in list...
Bernard Flam
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