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Max Heffler

I am amazed that any Ashkenazi have success at total less than 200 cM. I have been autosomal testing well over a decade and don’t waste time below totals of 200 cM unless there are strong name/place connections. Under 200 cM I have spent much time and had no success so I stopped trying years ago. I have found the 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage relative mapping tools to  be helpful in a number of cases. I am experimenting with yourfamily.dna but have spent way too much time and had no success.


Max Heffler


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I am afraid that most of us are not very sophisticated when analyzing their DNA matches.  While I can match all my first and second cousins, I can only match 7 out of 56 third cousins.  The matches on my mother's side often share commonality with the matches on my father's side.  So there is no way to discern how these people are related to me.


I am very sorry for those who feel they are being hurt by Ancestry's decision.  But I want to remind you that Ancestry is a business and you have other choices for storing and matching your DNA like GEDmatch.




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