Re: Where did "Katya" come from? #ukraine #yiddish #russia #names

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"I knew my mother's maternal grandmother's American name was Gussie Squire. The name on some of her immigration documents is Gitel Scvirsci.

However, while the envelopes they came in are addressed to Gussie, the letters themselves address her as "Katya". "

My ggrandmother was one of 20 children born to a couple in a tiny town. On the 20 records, the mother's name was different on each one. She was Rachel, Regina, Reis, every R name imaginable - except Rivka - and Teresa. Gussie, in English was Gitel in Yiddish, Katya in Russian, perhaps. 

Women didn't have a legal name in Europe, and not in the US until Social Security made one name 'right'. Women had no rights unless their husbands died,and they were 'rich'; women were the property of their fathers until, literally, given to their husbands.

Sally Bruckheimer
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