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Diane Jacobs

When I wanted to find family in Israel,
I asked on the jewishgen 
Discussion group for help finding a person.
With only her name, the I found her and called to tell who was looking for her.
The rest us history and I was able to visit 
the family in Israel and it was a wonderful
Experience. We are still in touch.

Diane Jacobs

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I am somewhat baffled on how to proceed with my search for my Israeli relatives. Many years ago I met my cousin Zev Altbaum(Altboim) when he was here in the US (after being injured in '67 war)for some treatment. After my paternal Grandmother died I didn't know how to reach out as she was the contact person. I have through research and recently found photos figured out that his Mother(Rachel Gal Altbaum) was my Great Grandmothers sisters daughter. I have some pictures of Rachel and I believe her Mother. I know there is a family tree on My Heritage for the Gal family in Israel that I think has her info but I can't access it unless I join. I already have annual membership in another genealogical site and really don't wish to pay for another. I see that the owner of the tree is Avi Gal. But I am stuck. Is there any way to get information about Avi Gal so I could email him. I believe the family lived in Petach Tikva. Any suggestions are very appreciated.

Robin Klainbard
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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