Re: Paul STRANSKY Vienna to Paris #austria-czech #france

Daniela Torsh

Thanks Bernard for this answer to my question. Is there a central database I can search to see whether Paul STRANSKY was in a French camp before 1940 when he joined the French Army?
I did find the entry for him in the Ministry list thanks. I made a mistake and didn't realise that Laval was a town not a person. Now I am clear about that. after training where did he go? How can i find that out? You suggest he was sent to Africa to fight. A lot of Australians were there and of course so were the Czechs and the Poles. They defeated Rommel at Tobruk a famous 
Allied victory.
David Choukron kindly offered to write to the Bureau Etrangeres for me so I hope I will find out more from that enquiry. He has also kindly offered to apply for the naturalisation file which i hope will tell me more.
I have been in touch with Patrice Paul's younger son as well as his older brother Michel-Frederic and even Jan,  Michel's son- all three are in Paris.

Best wishes
Daniela Torsh

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