Help locate this Gulag-camp or village listed in post-war record #holocaust #russia

Moses Jefferson

Greetings all,

I’ve come across a post-war record (attached) for a great-uncle of mine, who was exiled with his entire family (including my grandparents) to Stalin’s labour camps, know also as GULAG.

The record states (if I interpreted it correctly) that they were interned at Bawao - Siberia, Russia, however I cannot seem to locate this town/village, or any mention of such a place. I hope I didn’t get the spelling wrong! Or perhaps the place got a name change?

This bit of information is vital to me, since my grandparents never mention where they were kept during the war (other than talking about the fact that they worked hard in a village in Siberia).

I would really appreciate any help.

Best, Moses Jefferson
London, England 

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