Re: Ancestry's Drastic Changes Dash Hopes of Finding Connections #dna

Phil Karlin

If you want to get nerdy about it, here's a link to an Ancestry support document supposedly explaining it:
They call their algorithm "Timber," and they've been using it for years. Essentially, certain segments, usually smaller but sometimes quite substantial, are not included in your match because they believe they are not indicative of a relationship match between the two people, merely of (in our cases) being Jewish. 

I can see pros and cons to its use. My bigger issue is the opacity of the Ancestry user interface. It could use a chromosome browser. More importantly it doesn't tell you the strength of the other person to the common match. For example, if person X and shows as match through my aunt, it tells me 1800 cM with my aunt (duh), but nothing on the match between aunt and person X. If they share 100 cM, that's interesting. If they share 20, that's something else. 

If they gave you as much information as any of the others you could work with it. But they don't, so we're left Kremlin watching. Ancestry has the biggest number of users, so you need to use it. But it is the inferior product. 

Phil Karlin

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