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Herald-News, Passaic, NJ 17 Jan. 1958, p. 24
Gurtman, Dora of 242 Sherman St., Passiac,...beloved wife of Henry Gurtman, beloved mother of Mark and Michael and sister-in-law of Max  Gurtman.

Herald-News 17 Jan. 1958, p. 24
Dora Gurtman, 58, of 242 Sherman St., Passaic, died yesterday of an apparent heart attack while riding a public service bus from Clifton to Passaic....Born in Poland, Mrs. Gurtman settled in Passaic 9 years ago...Surviving her are her husband Henry, associated in the Passaic Metal Company, and two sons, Mark of Clifton, and Michael of Lincoln Park.

Herald-News, 12 Dec. 1975, p. 4  (note: findagrave has transcribed the year of death as 1973 which is incorrect)
Henry C. Gurtman,,,Born in Russia, he came to the US 27 years ago....survived by his wife Martha, two sons, Mark of Clifton, Michael of Wayne, two brothers, a sister and four grandchildren.

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