Re: Locating derivative citizenship record of minor whose parent naturalized in 1905. #records


Hi Elaine,

How fortunate you found that scrap of paper in Izaak's court naturalization records.

Assuming all three children were later issued Certificates of Derivative Citizenship, they would all have C-Files containing records not available in court records (so not available at the National Archives).

Unfortunately, the number on the paper is the application number, not the C-file number, so you would still need to file a USCIS Genealogy index search request to obtain the C-File number, then request the C-File.  The number will be preceded by a letter "A" or "AA."

Derivative C-Files are usually full of information, extra photos, and certified records submitted as evidence (birth records, parents' marriage records, etc.).  

Good luck,

Marian Smith

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