Re: Researching my great-uncle Sergiu Godeanu #romania

Valentin Lupu

Sergiu Godeanu was born in May 15, 1897 in Bucharest to Rita and Nathan Goldenberg (not Goldenzweig). This data is from his criminal file during the communist regime in Romania. Sergiu was a successful lawyer during interwar period (there are many announces in "Monitorul Oficial" regarding his professional activity). In the very anti-Semitic Romania , the change to a Romanian family name was essential for a successful professional career. His internement at Targu Jiu prison was a result of the anti-Jewish laws during WWII, not for any political reasons. Sergiu was arrested In 1952 for the "crime of high treason". His real crime was the fact that he worked as a lawyer at the British Consulate in Bucharest. The sentence from 1954 was 12 years imprisonment in one of the most ferocious communist prisons, Pitesti. In 1962 Sergiu was pardoned and set free.

Valentin Lupu
P.S. I am sending the documents (in Romanian) to your private email .

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