What Does It Mean When Someone "Fails in Examination for 2nd (Naturalization) Papers? #general #usa

Sally Horn

I just received the A-file for my grandfather, who never became a U.S. citizen.  The second page of the A-file says the following:  "...about 20 years ago, I received my first papers but failed in examination for 2nd papers.  have since lost all records."

I am not sure how to interpret this info.  The Petition for Naturalization that I found on Ancestry indicated that he filed a petition to become a naturalized citizen on July 8, 1924 but was denied on February 4, 1926 for failing to appear.  I don't know any more.  Did he have to take a test and failed the test? Does anyone have any insight about circumstances such as these?  

Also, the A-file states that he had "lost all records."  Would the State Superior Court in Connecticut which first accepted his petition or declaration of intention possibly still have the records?  

Sally Horn


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