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Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff

Hi Yefin,

On behalf of all of us, I spologize for just reading with interest, but not responding
to your sharing the new information that's been found and added.  

These new sources of organized information are important to us,  For sure!  

All information you find fits together. In time, more and more of it will become apparent, 
as more and more information  is uncovered and discovered.  

It's with sincere, heart-felt gratitude that we learn of each new set of information and its status and the progress in general.

The Bessarabian SIG is incredibly lucky to have as the coordinator, leading the group.  

Thank you so much and thanks to Jewish Gen for providing the real and vitual home and structure 
for the research and communication to and among all of us of what is being researched and accomplished. 

Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff
San Diego

PISTERMAN (Otaki/Atiki/Utik, Soroki, Bessarabia/Northern Moldova), ROTH (Otaki/Atiki, Bessarabia/Northern
Moldova), ZOLOTOROV/SLOTOROFF (Chernigov / Kiev, Ukraine), LEVINE(Michalovka (near Chernobyl), Ukraine; Minsk), 
CHARKOVSKY/SHARKOVSKY (Ukraine), BLAUSTEIN (Ukraine), RIBNICK (Sharashova (Sherishow), Grodno gubernia, Belarus), 
SHEINISS (Sharashova, Grodno,Belarus), ROGOWITZ (Sharashova, Grodno Gubernia, Belarus), 
ZYRO (Zabolotiv, Sniatyn, Galicia,Western Ukraine and Poland; 
Szczebreszyn/Lublin guberniaPoland), TESLER (Horokhiv, Wolyn,Western Ukraine), 
LIMON (Berestechko, Horochiv, Wolyn, Western Ukraine), TAU (Zabolotiv, Ukraine), TAL (Kibbutz Gat, Israel); 
KRANTZ (Ukraine), GLUSKIN (Ukraine), 

"If a man will not seek knowledge, it will not seek him." 

- Anonymous Yiddish saying quoted in the 25th Anniversary commemorative book of the American Brotherhood of Moghileff, published ca.1926. (posted with other bons mots on the website of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois: website   

On Sunday, September 6, 2020, 01:12:20 PM PDT, Yefim Kogan via <> wrote:

Hello Researchers,

Does anyone read this initial message? 
It seems that I am writing, but I do not have any idea even if this message was read, or what our members think about such records.  Maybe we do not need such records?!

It is really puzzling me what really people are looking for.

I planned to write about at least two more recent findings, but now I am not sure.
I believe that we need your feed back. Without it, it is hard to continue.  It is not that we need to see that you like or not, but we need more details, of WHY you like or you do not.
It is not just about this message.   It would be great to hear from you about our Monthly reports, other postings...  and please post it right here, not personally to me.  Ask questions, give new ideas, suggestions...

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Research Leader and Coordinator

ZOLOTOROV (Chernigov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine);
SLOTOROFF (Kiev, Ukraine)
LEVINE (Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus);
GLUSKIN (Ukraine)
LIMON (Berestechko, Volynia, Ukraine)
TESLER (Horochiv, Volynia, Ukraine)
ZYRO (Zabolativ, Ukraine) 
TAU (Zalolativ, Ukraine)
ROTH / ROT (Ataki, Bessarabia, Moldova)
BLAUSTEIN (Chernigov, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus)

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