Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general


48 Hour Sale at #general offers a Free 2mb account that I have been playing with. They offer storage for digitized photos (.jpg .tif .gif .png +more) documents (.pdf +more) interviews and videos. It is very user friendly. I love the ease of importing/exporting, adding tags and metadata, and organizational abilities, and their mini-turorials. I was up and running with no roadblocks. They include a small photoediting program that can add text to a photo, for naming individuals.

Check out their “deals” section. I got $15 credit for signing up and am seriously looking at buying (one time fee) 25GB storage for me and my families for $200 for 100+ years!  This includes perpetual care conversIons as .jpg, .pdf et’c become obsolete. They also offer suites of additional services to aid in many types of presentations. With diversification in mind, this handles one major area of concern, my sources, photos, and history of the people and places in my Trees. 

I have not yet pulled the trigger so if anyone knows of a downside to this, please reply. 
Reba Harris Solomon

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