Re: Looking for Israeli relatives #israel

Beth Erez

Rachel Gal Altbaum
I would be happy to try and help you but I need more information.
For example, there is a name showing on BillionGraves for a Zev Wolf Alboim who died in 1973 as a young soldier, age 31.  It says he was born in Russia and that his parents were Leah and Yeshayu.  See Below

To look for a Rachel Gal is difficult.  Too common a name.  If you can send me the link to the tree, I have a subscription, live in Israel, and would be happy to write to Avi Gal for you.  
Name זאב וולף אלטבאום 
Birth Circa 1942
Hebrew birth date Circa 5703
Age at death 31
Death Between Oct 15 1973 and Oct 16 1973
Hebrew death date 20 Tishrei 5734
Kiryat Shaul Cemetery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Note נולד ברוסיה עלה תשט"ז נפל בקרב ברמת-הגולן במלחמת יום הכפורים רב"ט 4566
Please respond to me at betherez@...
Beth Erez, Hod Hasharon, Israel 

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