GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #lodz #russia

Dominique MERLET

I am looking for civil status documents or information about the siblings of GIERSZONOWICZ or GERSZONOWICZ Boruch (born around 1832 in Piotrkow), son of GIERSZONOWICZ or GERSZONOWICZ Abram (born around 1797) and Rywka (born around 1807). Then on the siblings of GERSZONOWICZ Jankiel (born in 1889 in Osjakow), son of GERSZONOWICZ Moszek Gerszon (born around 1860 in Piotrkow) and MOSZCOWICZ Drezla (born in 1856 in Zdunska Wola). It seems that Moszek Gerszon had a second wife COLO Sura (born in 1873 in Tuszyn). To be confirmed... They would have had together 4 children all born in Lodz from 1907 to 1914.
Thank you for your help.
Dom Merlet

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