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The Eastern European surname DWORKIS was unique to a small area of the former Pale of Settlement.  (The variant DWORKIN was more common in other regions of the Pale.)  Several American DWORKIS families today can trace their origins to the Vinnitsya region of present-day Ukraine.  Are these families related?  Do they all share a common male ancestor?


A DWORKIS Surname Project has been created on FamilyTreeDNA to research these questions:




We explore these relationships by doing a special DNA test (a Y-DNA test) that follows the paternal line and can identify close family members on that line even if the names don't match.


All researchers with DWORKIS, DWORKUS or DVORKIS surnames in their ancestry are encouraged to join the project and identify a patrilineal male descendant who still carries the name to test their Y-DNA and become part of the project.  Another wing of Vinnitsya DWORKIS’s immigrated to Pennsylvania and changed the family name to DAVIS – their descendants are encouraged to join the project as well.


If readers know of DWORKIS families, please bring this project to their attention.  Inquiries can be made to me privately.


Bob Levy

Los Angeles


Researching:  DWORKIS/DVORKIS (Tulchin), MANASTYRSKI (Tulchin, Illintsi), GRYNSPUN (Tulchin), VOSKOBOINIK (Tulchin), ADERMAN/EJDERMAN (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski), BERNSTEIN/BERSHTEYN (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski), AKSERT (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski – all Ukraine)


FENSTER (Sokoly, Czyzew), SCHLESINGER/SZLEZINGIER (Nowogrod), PIKARCZYK (Nowogrod), FAYBOWITZ (Nowogrod – all Poland)

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