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Adam Cherson

Dear Researchers,

Have you ever wondered, as I have, about Jewish identity during the thousands of years between the times of Adam and Abraham, or about which specific pre-Hebraic ancient cultures went into the formation of the Jewish identity? Is it possible to learn anything meaningful about Jewish identity in these periods using modern dna results? Due to modern advances in archaeogenetics and computational biology the answer is: yes.

This is an invitation to learn more, and to sample at a very low cost the wonders of a genographic study for the understanding of your own family’s deep history. What follows here is an introduction, a more detailed summary of the method can be obtained below. This method is open to persons of any gender who have obtained, or plan to obtain an autosomal dna test from any company allowing a raw data download (all the majors do). Autosomal tests are the types of tests generally used by the major testing companies for full genome matching across the entire database (for example FamilyFinder, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritageDNA). No new testing is required.

I’ve developed and tested a scientific method for the study of an individual’s entire genome across historical eras, regions, and cultures which works by comparing a person’s autosomal dna to that of over 2,500 continuously updated dna samples drawn from the remains of culturally-identified ancient and archaic humans. After evaluating the degree of any person's matching with each of these remains, I am able to map the physical and cultural journey of any individual genome across a vast expanse of time and geography.

Genography fulfills the true promise of genetic genealogy in a way that traditional admixture, ethnicity, and ancient origin reports cannot: by providing a scientifically accurate, visual picture of a family’s cultural, ethnic, and geographical identity across 15 individual eras ranging from 50,000 BCE to 1650 CE-- scientific literature citations are also provided, for those who wish to explore the full anthropological import of the findings. With each study I am also gathering anonymous material about ancient, pre-Hebraic Jewish history which I hope to wrap eventually into a paper for the benefit of the entire research community. All persons who receive a full study will be credited (only upon their consent) as contributors to the paper.

Even a person who does not know anything about both biological parents (including donee-children, adoptees, and orphans) may use this method to study their deep and complete ancestry (individual study). Those who have broader genetic results available may further apply the method to examine their individual maternal and paternal branches. For example, applying the method to both parents (branched study) or to one parent and one offspring (quasi-branched study) will provide a subtle understanding of how one’s individual paternal and maternal origins have varied across the ages.

An initial foray into the field can be done for as little as US$22 and takes about three days. A complete, ready-to-publish study is US$600 and takes two-three weeks. Studies of intermediate scope are also doable.

Please reply privately (or email me directly) with an email address where to receive a summary briefing, example reports of each type, pricing details, scheduling, and the mechanics of how to proceed.

Adam Cherson, JD-MPA


New York, NY, USA

Author: Tracing the yDNA Lineage of Aharon (Aaron) the Priest: New Preliminary Evidence Refines Understanding of Presumptive Levitic and Cohanic Lineages
Data Manager: Atlas of Ancestral Genography
Book Editor: Dieveniskes and Voronova Yizkor Book Translations

Project Administrator: Khrszn HaCohen (J-M267) Project at FTDNA

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