Help to Take down a family tree created with FT Maker #general #records

Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD

I need help. I created an on-line family tree with Family Tree Maker in 2005. I believe the app was owned by I subsequently lost the password and forgot about the tree, as I have used Ancestry for many years. I later learned the tree is still posted and easily found with google. I tried toe contact family tree maker but it had changed hands and said they couldn’t help.

The problem is that I was unsophisticated at the time. The tree has many errors and does adequately protect confidentiality.

I obviously bear personal responsibility for creating this problem. PLEASE HELP you can. I feel terrible about this. 

Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Palmer

Baltimore, MD, USA 

Researching PINKOWITZ (Yedinitz, Bessarabia);


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