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There is a Cook County, Illinois death record for a Harry Goldstein on, March 1910.  In the days before modern social safety nets existed it was not uncommon for widows and widowers with small children and no other family support to remarry quickly, out of necessity. 

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 9/7/2020 1:39 PM, Stuart Kaufer wrote:
I have stumbled on a family secret, looking for anyone who might know or direct me where to unearth.   My paternal GM  Fannie Lebovitz Kaufer was married prior to her marriage to my GF Edward Kaufer.  She married, according to Chicago records Harry Goldstein in May 1904.  In June 1904 my aunt Lilly Goldstein was born a month after Harry and Fannie married.  Clearly she was pregnant at the time she married Harry Goldstein.   There is no record that I can find of a divorce.  Fanny married my GF Edward 20 June 1912 and they divorced in 1921& she went on to marry 2 other men.   Lilly Goldstein's name was changed to Lilly Kaufer when they were married. I do not know if he formally adopted her.  If anyone in the Goldstein family knows anything, if this story was passed down in family lore, I would like to learn more.   My GF was 28 at the time he married Fannie, perhaps that was old for the time and that is why he married someone with a child, which I would think was rare back then?  
Thank you

Stuart Kaufer

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