Viewmate Translations of Newly Found Polish Alegata Records #poland #translation

Barbara Stack

Friends, some of you will have seen the announcement on JRIPoland by Nowy Dwor Town Leader Alan K'necht about the recent discovery of some Alegata Records. For reference on Alegata Records, look here:
I’m the cousin that volunteered to shlep the following pages through Viewmate:
The information added by these records is of great interest to a whole circle of us. Any help Polish translators can lend would be much appreciated!
Best sequestration regards,
Barbara Toby Stack
Berkeley, California
ALTSTEIN                       Mlawa, Poland
ALTSZTEJN                    Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
CHRZADOWSKI            Brzeziny, Poland
CHSHUNSTOFSKY       Brzeziny, Kikol, Lipno Poland
DROZDOWCIZ              Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
OLDSTEIN                      England, US, Australia
RESNICK                        Volhynia, Ukraine
SCHLEGER                     Lokachi, Ukraine
STACHOWITZ                USA
STASIOWICH                 Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland
THORNER                       Plock, Poland
TORUNCZYK                 Warszawa, Poland
YECHT                             Lokachi, Ukraine
ZLOTNICK                      Nowy Dwor, Mazowiecki, Poland

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