Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus


Hi all~

Searching my Mother's side of the family.  

My name:  Stefanie Haftel Warrenbrand
My Mother:  Sylvia Karalefsky Haftel
Her Mother: Frances Gerson (Gerszon)-->New Haven, CT
Her Grandmother:  Bejla (Beala, Bayla) Polejes (Poleyes)/Husband Israel Gerszon-->New Haven, CT
Her Great Grandfather: Juda (Judah? Yehuda) Polejes 

If there is anyone that can help me search Sideways and Further Back in this part of the tree, I'd appreciate it so much!


Sincerely, Stefanie

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