Re: Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland

Stanley Diamond

Sophia is referring to the town of Tomaszów Lubelski, 124 km SE of Lublin 
and not Tomaszów Mazowiecki, 57 km SE of Łódź.

To find answers to the status of record indexing/extraction of Polish towns, 
contact the JRI-Poland town leader for each town!   Click on the "Your Town"
link on the JRI-Poland navigation bar on the home page

The link for Tomaszów Lubelski will take you to:

By contacting the Town Leader, you will learn that all the records in the Zamosc
branch of the Polish State Archives have been ether indexed or fully extracted
up to 1913!

Moreover, because Polish privacy laws now allow access to births up to 1919
(i.e. more than 100-years old) and marriages and deaths up to 1939 (more than 
80-years old), JRI-Poland now has extracts of these records as well.

JRI-Poland Town Leaders are available to help you in your research.  Another 
way to reach ANY Town Leader is to write to [townname]

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland
From: FamilySearchPoland
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 02:26:55 EDT


I would like to find records from around 1900-1903 from Tomaszow Poland on my mother Pesa Apfel. 
I have located the people she claims were he family, but cannot locate any documents on her life from Poland.  Does anyone know how to gain access to records post 1890?

According to Aaron B.  JRI-Poland's records only date from 1890 and before? I can't say if this is true or not, but it would make sense as to why I can find nother on my grandmother.

I have attached documents that should be useful in locating her if anyone does have access to these records.

1. She should be born around 1902 (But I'd search 1901-1903)

2. Her parents were Moszko Apfel and Esther Tauba Goldman.  - So documents we have found relating to her life state.

3. Her brother Judko Apfel and other siblings were Riwka Abram, and Pesla (who died).  Or at least I assume these are her family.  These are the people she listed on documents.  However, I cannot locate any record of her birth. Again, supposedly records post 1890 from Tomaszow aren't Public.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Sophia Cohen

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