Need help in understanding / finding place names and from Belarus Revison Lists #belarus

Odeda Zlotnick

My Zlotnick family came from Lapitch (Lapici, Lapichi) – a shtetl between Bobruisk and Minsk (belonging to the Igumen Uyezd in the Minsk Gubernia).  My Zlotnick GGF was married to Ester daughter of Yaakov Pluchik.

We also know that the Zlotnick family from Lapitch was related to the Polishuk (also Paleshuk) family, from Lapitch.

In the Revision List for 1858:

1)      Paleshuk's and other recognized Lapitch families were found in a "populated place" within 10 Kms of Lapitch, called "Vysokaya Starina" in the Gazetteer, "Vysokaya Storona village" in the Revision List for 1858.  What kind of map will I find it on?

2)      Unlike the people in Lapitch, considered "petit bourgeois" those from Vysokaya were in the "Revision lists farmers". 

What is the difference between Vysokaya and Lapitch?

3)      Other POLYASHCHUK family members  were found in a place called "Kholuy" also in Igumen, Minsk.  I can't find this place anywhere other than in the Revision lists (tried the communities, tried the gazetteer).


Question 2: What and where is Kholuy of Igumen in the Minsk Gubernia, why can't I find it?

Question 3: My GGF at the age of about 17 in 1874 was in "Vyaz'ye" during one of the revisions, the note appearing in a list signed by a man from Kholuy.  Vyaz'ye is on a map – and in the gazetteer, but not in any revision list.  What is it and why?


See attached map, circled, north to south: Pukhovich, Lapitch, Vyaz'e.

Thank you,

Odeda Zlotnick

Searching for: ZLOTNICK (in the Minsk Gubernia) PLUCHIK, POLISHUK.

SIEGLER LESEROVICI (originally from Cosula Romania) KULIKOWER, BLASS BOTTWIN MELLER (originally from Lemberg/Lwow, then Vienna)

MENDLOWITSCH (MENDLEWICZ) and BEILIN from Tomaszow Mazowiecki

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