Re: Help locate this Gulag-camp or village listed in post-war record #holocaust #russia



regarding Bawao "Gulag-camp". I have no intention to dispute your family history but would like to clarify the following. Some Jews from Western Ukraine voluntarily left their birth towns for Russia proper after 1939 events, some to return back after the war to finally leave the area for good. They did it for many reasons, some to get an education, better job prospects in cities, etc. Jacob Biber from Wolyn town of Maciejow, who survived the war hiding with his wife with the help of some friendly locals, writes about it in his book "Survivors". 

I read the information in this document as your great-uncle was working for Town <authorities> as a worker (sic) from 1940 til September 1945 in Siberian city of Barnaul with compensation of 150 rubles a month. This particular document, most likely written from his words, has no indication that he was in Gulag camps. It's interesting that he was an elementary school pupil in 1937-1939. Was he too young in 1940 to be placed in a penal system? The next line stating that in September of 1945 he was already in Berlin, Germany collaborates the idea that he (his family) wasn't interned. I highly recommend the above mentioned book to better understand how a civilian family/person could possibly leave USSR  at the time your great-uncle did. The book also mentions that the most local Jewish survivors were among those who moved to Russia in 1939-1940.

Best regards,
Olga Slavin (Barsht)

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