Re: GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz

Dominique MERLET

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Shari (Zacharyasz) Gierszonowicz
Hello Karen,
One of my ancestors is named Boruch GIERSZONOWICZ/GERSZONOWICZ. He was born between 1832 and 1834 in Piotrkow Trybunalski. His father's name was Abram GERSZONOWICZ and his mother Rywka (maiden name unknown). 
I don't know the composition of Boruch's siblings. Perhaps Sura Gitla and Riwka Ruchla were cousins of Boruch? Do you know the composition of the siblings of Shari (Zacharyasz) Gierszonowicz, his year and place of birth? Thank you for your answer.
Dom Merlet

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