Seeking WALDER/VALDER descendants in Israel #galicia #israel

Joseph Walder

I am seeking descendants of Simkha and Ze'ev WALDER/VALDER in Israel. They are themselves the sons of Eliyahu and Dvora WALDER/VALDER. All are buried in Bnei Brak cemetery, Hazon Ish Street, Ramat Gan, Central District according to, where photographs of their gravestones may be found. Dvora died in 1961, Eliyahu in 1962, Simkha in 1988, and Ze'ev in 1994. There was another son, Leon or Leibish, who was born in 1903, remained in Poland and was killed in the Shoah along with his wife and children.

The gravestones for the WALDERs/VALDERs mentioned above indicate that they came from Narol, Poland. Narol is in the region of Galicia, which was of course Austrian territory before 1918. My paternal grandfather, David WALDER, was born in Narol in 1902 and came to the US in 1922. There were also WALDERs in the neighboring town of Lipsko.

The gravestone for Eliyahu WALDER indicates that his father was Josef. I think it is likely that Josef's wife was named Chana TEMER and that Eliyahu and Chana had a connection not only with Narol but also with the town of Lubaczow.

I do not know the exact relationship between David WALDER, my grandfather, and either Eliyahu WALDER or his sons. My best guess is that Eliyahu WALDER and David WALDER were first cousins, and that Eliyahu's father, Josef, was a brother to David WALDER's father, Meyer. Unfortunately nearly all records for Narol were destroyed during wartime, and the few that remain have not been scanned or indexed.

If you are descended from Simkha or Ze'ev WALDER and would like to explore our possible connection, please contact me at jscottwalder@....

Many thanks.

Portland, Oregon, USA

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