Re: Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna


Hi,  I am in a similar position to your father. I found out that I am 26% Jewish earlier this year. My grandmother named a Jewish father on a Salvation Army Home for unmarried mothers document (not on my father s birth certificate though).  My dad is dead so I haven t any DNA data from him. I have found a second cousin in a family with, I believe,  8 potential grandfathers (brothers) in it  but, my father obviously being the result of an extra marital affair, I am finding it fiendishly difficult to find out who my paternal grandfather was.  One of the brothers' grandsons of this family kindly did a DNA test for me and, he turns out to be another second cousin. I am not asking anyone in the family to test  because I do not want to intrude on their privacy, so I guess I too will never know who my grandfather was unless a first cousin pops up. Which is sad because it would make my life make so much more sense.

I think i will look at the DNA more closely now this Winter after I have read your analysis, this may help me sift out potential grandfathers more.
Best wishes with your search. 

Val Featherstone

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