Re: DATZ and SATZ Families from Mogilev-Podol'sk #ukraine


I replied and I don't see it. I'm a Satz descendant (in fact doubly, because my great-grandparents were first cousins Satz-Spilkes). And they were from Mogilev-Podolsky. But we have a lot of matches with variants of Deitch, Deitz, Deutsch, etc., and this includes the other families who put together ticket orders with my great-grandfather Joine Spilkes (mother was a Satz and his wife was a Satz) to bring relatives from Mogilev and from Bessarabia. Do you know if Datz was the same family as the one's I mentioned. I see records for Datz and records for all these Deutsch variants. Satz was also Zatz, Shatz, and Shatz-Treibichan.  Our close relatives were Satz, Spilkes, Treibich, Gass, Broker, and my great-grandfather sent orders through Cohen (I think the maternal family of Treibich), Blufstein, and Roytman (besides through other Gass family members). Their immigration was to Philadelphia.  I think we have exchanged some information before. Best regards, Jeanne Swack

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