Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records


I do not have information about telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, however, your post caught my attention.  My grandfather, Louis (Lazer) Witkin was born in 1890 in Cherikov, Mogilev and I have found nothing on any genealogy site about his family or even records about his arrival in the US in 1907.  In addition, my grandmother, Bessie (Basha) Bernstein Witkin was born in Ekaterinoslav in 1894 and came to the US in 1913.  I haven't been able to find any records from Ekaterinoslav although I know that her mother, two aunts and cousins also came to the US over time..   Have you found resources for your research in either of those towns?  
Thank you,
Judy Cannon

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