Help understanding Lehmann address book #austria-czech

Joseph Lonstein

I'm trying to determine if a cousin named Leibisch Sperber, who lived in Vienna 1928-1939, was living with any other family members. If he was, I'm hoping of identify the connection and find additional relatives. From MA08 in Vienna, I obtained the addresses that were on his Meldezettel:

15.02.1928 – 01.11.1931: 2., Adambergergasse 12/15
03.11.1931 – 01.02.1932: 2., Darwingasse 23/15
01.02.1932 – 01.12.1933: 2., Tandelmarktgasse 1/23
02.12.1933 – 18.11.1938: 2., Taborstraße 41/20
18.11.1938 – 12.12.1939: 2., Klanggasse 7/18

In Lehmann's address book, he's not listed at most of these addresses, but rather for most years at Taborstraße 41/20. Does the Lehmann book list only or primarily work/business addresses? Maybe the Taborstraße address was his business? Is there a way to determine who also lived at those home addresses in those years? I do know the Darwingasse 23/15 address, though - it was where my great-grandparents lived at the time (his uncle and aunt).


Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

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