The Belz Memorial Book Has Been Translated into English #translation

Jack Berger

Dear Friends,

It is with no small amount of pleasure that I inform you of the completion of the translation of the Belz Yizkor Book from Yiddish and Hebrew into English. This is the sixteenth endeavor of this kind I have done, going back nearly thirty years.

At this point, I  am soliciting those of you who would like to own a copy for yourselves, or also donate a SECOND copy to the institution (library, museum, archive, etc.) of your choice, or to a dear friend or relative. A Supporter's name will also appear in a special Supporters Honor Roll at the beginning of the book. The reason I am asking now, is that the bigger the order I give to the printer, the lower the unit cost will be. So do not hesitate to speak up, and spread the word to your friends and relatives who might be interested, about this wonderful book.

A single copy will cost $54.00, while a Supporter subscription will cost $100.00. At no extra cost, I will prepare a suitable bookplate, to your specification, to go into the copy you wish to donate.

The Belz Memorial Book is replete with the history of the Rokeach Dynasty, and includes the heart-stopping episode of how the Belzer Rebbe escaped the clutches of the Nazis, and came to Israel. There are many, many very interesting stories and glimpses into the life of Eastern European Jewry that interested parties will find informative and revealing. The anecdotal nature of the writing spans about 150-200 years of the recent past, up to the present.

Quite a number of you have been supporters of my work going back a generation or more. If you want to see what this work has entailed, please visit my website at

In the top left corner of the home page of my website, you will see a small box marked "Yizkor Books."  If you click it, you will be taken to the inventory of those books I have translated. Please note that quite a number have already sold out, and I have put a *.pdf copy of those sold out book(s) on line. I urge you to leaf through one or more of these to get a "feel" for how I have approached this work.

Should you have an interest, please write to me at my e-mail: jsberger@...

I can then supply you with the necessary details of how to effect payment to me. At this point, I only need an indication from you that you wish to participate, and at what level (Single, Supporter). If you want to send me a check now, please indicate so, and I will give you details about how to do this.

I am looking forward to hearing from many of you, since the subscribers to JewishGen have evinced an interest in the history of Eastern European Jewry.

With warmest regards, and best wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year,
Jack Berger

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