Re: Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna

Mashiach L. Bjorklund

I wouldn't trust any DNA companies ethnicity estimates. I have tested with 3 different companies and guess what? I have 3 different ethnicity results. That said, your real answers will probably come from traditional genealogical research. Something to keep in mind, Jews have been living (and intermarrying) in Ireland as far back as at least 1079. That's the date of the earliest known written record of Jews in Ireland. But my guess is they go much further back. FYI, the second in command of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish rebellion was a Jew. A Jewish lawyer defended the leaders of the rebellion in a British court. Jews have been protected and have had full legal status in Ireland for hundreds of years. One of the oldest continuously operating synagogues in Europe is a couple of blocks from Dublin Castle. Do you get where I am going with this? Having an Irish Jew as an ancestor is just, well, curious, but not completely out of the ordinary. So the next time your in a pub, lift up your pint of Guinness, but instead of saying " sláinte" just say "l'chaim".

Mashiach Bjorklund

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