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Rather than  looking for Nellie on a ship's manifest, look for Sam's naturalization papers, assuming he was naturalized in Canada.  Those should give details of his arrival.  Once you  know when he arrived and the ship, you can find him on the manifest and the others should be with him.
I would note that the 1911 Canadian census gives Nellie's year of arrival as 1906 (Sam's too) rather than 1905.  So be sure to allow some leeway.  
Also, the 1921 census records that Jacob was naturalized in 1906.  You might look for clues regarding his children.
Source for census records:  Ancestry
Lastly, contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto for help:

Although unrelated to your query, I found a fascinating document on when I was looking for information.  This is a 1910 insurance application by Jacob.  

Johanna Becker

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