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This kind of request comes up regularly. There are no rules when it comes to selecting a secular name for a person who has a Hebrew name, or, in reverse, finding a probable Hebrew name for someone when a secular name is known.   I suggest searching the JewishGen Memorial Plaque Database for the name, and tabulate the results.
I did that for the first 108 matches for secular name Clara, in one random  section of the database, in  the USA.
Chaya 45
Keila 18
Chava 9
Klara/Clara 9
Chaika 6
Chana 4
Ester 2
Shayna 2
Gitel 2
One each:  Yenta, Tzipah, Chasya, Perel, Devorah, Sarah, Keysa. Kala, Krindel, Dinah, Kressla

David Rosen
Boston, Ma

On 9/11/2020 4:14 PM, Saba-isio via wrote:
Hi, Can anyone give me the Equivqlent Hebrew Given Name for Clara?
Thank you in advance, all the best, stay safe , well and healthy and may we all enjoy this coming New Year 5781 in very good health and may the pandemic be eradicated. Aizic Sechter from the Lone Magen David Star State of Israel

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