Re: Russian or Hebrew translation of birth record from Kishinev, and ? about dates #translation

Valentin Lupu

Hi Paul,
Both the document and your date converter are correct! The Russian Empire used the Julian Christian calendar until 1918 when the Gregorian calendar (used in most Western countries) was adopted. The Gregorian calendar is ahead by 13 days. If you translate  7 Adar II 5651 to Gregorian, the results is March 17, 1891. It corresponds to Julian March 4, 1891. The one day difference (March 5) is due to the day change in the Hebrew calendar at evening, not at 00 am.
The most known date confusion is the Russian revolution in 1917, called "the October Revolution", October 25, 1917,  led by Lenin. Since then, it was celebrated throughout the communist countries at November 7 each year.

Valentin Lupu

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