Re: GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz


Hi Dom,
What I do know is at the time of the marriage of Riwka Ruchla GIERSZONOWICZ she was residing wiith her mother in Mar 1862 in Lodz, and her father, Schari (Zacharyasz) was already deceased.  Sura Gitla was born in 1833, so the father Shari must have been born at least 20 years before.  If it helps, this information is sourced from the LDS Film #809429, Akt. #10, Marriage and Death records 1826-1878, Gubernia, Piotrkow, Province Lodz. year 1862.  Do you have access to a LDS Library where these films are available near you?  It would seem these families are related in some way.  By the way one of my grandfather's sons name was Abraham or Abe after the name Abram., and of course the name of Riwka Ruchla.  Please let me know any information you might find.

Karen Brown

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