Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Shlomo Gurevich

I am not sure that telephone books were published in Ekaterinoslav in yearly 1900s. For example, even the big 1913' All Ekaterinoslav book contains lists of businesses, governmental offices and homeowners with their addresses but without phone numbers.  Only some rare advertisements contain them. But maybe the following information can be helpful for you: 
The following pharmacies in Ekaterinoslav are listed in 1903' Ekaterinoslav Gubernia Memory Book:

1. Sartioson heirs' (The Avenue)
2. Pharmacist Oswald's (The Avenue)
3. Pharmacist Gurvich's and its subsidiary (Voyennaya Str.) 
4. Pharmacist Stephanovich's (Alexandrovskaya Str.)
5. Ekaterinoslav Medical Society's (Torgovaya Str.)
6. Pharmacist Bystritzky's (The Avenue) and its subsidiary (Peterburgskaya Str.)
7. Pharmacist Peck-Fon Ammenshild (Pervozvannovskaya Str.)
8. Pharmacist Weinstein (The Avenue)
9. Pharmacist Lemberg's Homeopathic Pharmacy (Sadovaya Str.)

Shlomo Gurevich,
Hoshaya, Israel

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