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Diane Jacobs

You might try Mollie, Malka, Mali, etc.
Different names I have come across on my family tree.

Diane Jacobs

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The long discussion is because this is how threads unspool in a discussion. Nobody got injured, and people want to share.

One of my great-grandmothers was Chaia on the passenger list, and Clara in the US Federal censuses. Her daughter Chana became Annie. What I haven't figured out is what another great-grandmother's name may have been. On her grave marker it's Machli, but that's the masculine for of Machla. The only thing I can think of is that the final "ee" sound was a nickname of sorts, the way Loretta (as in Loretta Lynn) became Loretty to her family, and as above Chana became Annie but may have been Anna at some point.

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