Look-ups requested in Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain, newest edition #poland


Hello fellow JewishGeners,

If anyone has access to the newest edition of Neil Rosenstein’s The Unbroken Chain, 5 volumes (2020), I would appreciate it if you might check the pages listed below.

I’m searching for information on my 4x-great-grandfather, Rabbi Ze’ev or Seeb WOLF or WOLFF. He was born around 1750, and may have lived in Radzewo, Posen, Prussia (now Poland). His sons included my 3x-grandfather, Rabbi Arie Lieb/Loebisch/Lewin WOLF or WOLFF (b. 1781, Radzewo - d. 1856, Meseritz, Posen, now Miedzyrzecz, Poland).

According to the online index for the new edition, please check:

Vol. 2, p. 270: WOLF, Zeev
Vol. 3, p. 212: WOLF, Aryey Zev
Vol. 3. pp. 754 & 870: WOLF, Zeev
Vol. 4, pp. 416 & 692: WOLF, Zeev

Thanks very much for your help.

Wishing you all a healthy, sweet New Year.

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

Researching: ADLER (Culm, West Prussia & Krone a.d. Braha, Bromberg, Prussia); COHN (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); DEMUTH (Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia); GOTTSTEIN (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); HAMBURGER (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); HIRSCH (Culm, West Prussia); HIRSCHBERG (Culm, West Prussia); HIRSCHFELD (Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia & Rogasen, Obornik, Posen, Prussia); ISRAEL (Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia); ITZIG (Culm, West Prussia & Krone a. d. Braha, Bromberg, Prussia); KANN (Lissa, Posen, Prussia & Thorn, West Prussia); KRAUSE (Rogasen, Obornik, Posen, Prussia); LEWIN (Hohensalza, Posen, Prussia); LEWINSOHN (Berlin, Germany & Culm, West Prussia & Hohensalza, Posen, Prussia & Thorn, West Prussia); MESSNER (Rogasen, Obornik, Posen, Prussia); MOSES (Schwarzenau, Gnesen, Posen & Radzewo, Posen, Prussia & Meseritz, Posen, Prussia); NADELMANN (Schwarzenau, Gnesen, Posen, Prussia & Stettin, Pomerania, Prussia & Berlin, Germany); NORDEN (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); NUERNBERG (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); RUSS (Berlin, Germany & Lissa, Posen, Prussia); SCHEY (Lissa, Posen, Prussia); STREISAND (Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia); WOLF or WOLFF (Meseritz, Posen, Prussia & Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia & Radzewo, Posen, Prussia & Sandberg, Posen, Prussia & Berlin, Germany & Braunsberg, East Prussia & Thorn, West Prussia); WOLFSOHN (Berlin, Germany & Neustadt bei Pinne, Posen, Prussia).

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