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Dina Hill

In 1885 Aron Josef CHILL came to the USA >from Poland. Before his first
born son was born in 1886, he became Aaron Joseph HILL.

Aaron and his wife Sarah (RUBENSTEIN) HILL are buried in Mt. Zion
Cemetery in Maspeth, NY.

When I wrote to the cemetery over 20 years ago, they not only sent me
pictures of their tombstones, but they also sent me information which
hopefully can lead me to the town they came from.

The record states that they are buried in the area reserved for "1st
Zalosziner Chevra Bnie Achim". Is that the name of the town

Did they have to live in that town to be part of the society or could
anyone be buried there as long as they had the money?

Some of the census records say they were >from Galicia and some just
say Poland.

Unfortunately, on the ship's manifest that I have a copy of, it doesn't
state what town Aron came from.

What do you all think? I would like to find out what town he came >from
so I could find out about his siblings.

The tombstone says he was the son of Avraham Yitzchak. I don't know
anything about his Aron's siblings or parents.

I would appreciate what your thoughts are.

Dina Aptekar Hill

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