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I have been a member of JewGen for several years and have recently seen a member post a review of a historical novel he wrote about his family's genealogy.  I have also written and request permission to post information about it on the Discussion Group as well.  The title of the book is The Way of Saint James; Journey to America.

"As some of you may know, I have spent several years researching my maternal grandfather's family without success.  It was through my reading of an article referred to in JewGen that I was finally able to break that stonewall and learn important information about that side of the family.  I also received several replies on ViewMate which helped to locate the place of portraits of my maternal grandfather and grandmother.  I also discovered a website through JewGen that followed the migration of Sephardic Jews from Spain after the Edict of Expulsion to their arrival in Horodice in Bohemia about 30 miles from Prague.  I could not write a complete genealogy over an extended period of 500 years so I had to use historical fiction to complete the task.  I wrote a historical novel titled The Way of Saint James; Journey to America using fiction to complete the missing periods in the narrative.  I have used about 90 footnotes to document my sources.  I also learned through what I consider compelling evidence that Christopher Columbus was more than likely a crypto-Jew, although that is not the aim of the novel.  The research took me about a year to complete and I discovered that another maternal grandmother can trace her lineage to a crypto-Jew who also immigrated from Spain in 1773. 


The book is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and as an ebook on Kindle.






I believe this book would be of interest to some JewGen readers as I've already received feedback from some of you.  I appreciate your support."



Eugene Sierras

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