David Bresler :Ukrainian Jew who became Cuban citizen 1920s-1930s #latinamerica #ukraine #records


An ancestor, David Bresler,  left Ukraine in the 1920s for Cuba - exactly when I don't know- and became a Cuban citizen. (I believe he came from Dzyhivka in Podolia but am not sure.)

In the mid 1930s he was able to immigrate to Canada to join family there. I would like help accessing his Cuban records, especially his naturalization files and finding the ship manifest for his journey to  Cuba.

I have his Canadian naturalization data and his files from the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada, but they don't provide the information I am seeking.

I have tried numerous Cuban contacts: I wrote to a rabbi in Havana, and also emailed "El patronato- la casa de la Comminidad Hebrea de Cuba"- but haven't received any responses.  I would be happy too engage a Cuban researcher - but don't know who. Any suggestions on how to uncover more of David's past would be most appreciated.
Sarah Liron, California

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