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Renee Steinig

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<<Aaron and his wife Sarah (RUBENSTEIN) HILL are buried in Mt. Zion
Cemetery in Maspeth, NY.... The record states that they are buried in the
area reserved for "1st Zalosziner Chevra Bnie Achim". Is that the name of
the town Zaloszce???>>

According to the Jewish Genealogical Society (New York)'s Burial Society
< >
(or, the First Zaloshiner Chevra Anshei Bnei
Achim was associated with Dzialoszyn, Poland, not with Zaloszce. That
society had sections at Cedar Park Cemetery in New Jersey and at Mount
Judah in Queens, as well as at Mount Zion. Dzialoszyn was a shtetl in
what was Russian Poland. More about the town is here:

JGS's database lists other groups that were associated with the town
that was Zalozce, Galicia, and is now Zaliztsi, Ukraine. They include
the Erste Zalozitzer Kranken Unt. Verein, the Independent Zweite
Zalozcer Kranken Unt. Verein, and others. Read about Zalozce at:

An aside: According to the JGS home page (, JGS webmaster
Steve Stein, who was instrumental in the recent update of the burial
society database, will "give a tour of the new website, including
databases, resources, archives, and membership functions" at JGS's next
meeting -- Sunday, June 26.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

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