Re: Family of DAVID BARNETT b 1831 & ANNA SAMUEL b 1837 Russian Poland #poland

Brian Neil Burg

BARNETT was certainly a popular name upon arrival in England!

Although I cannot link your family to my wife Rosalie's family, I can tell you that BOTH my wife's paternal grandparents, who were actually 2nd cousins, before marriage, changed their surnames to BARNETT from original names of CHAJKIELSON and TYLZANSKI.  After a brief stint in England, they also both moved to and were married in Swansea, South Wales, with the South Wales connection referenced by Barry Clarke in his reply to your email, although I know of no direct relation to his BARNETTs.

What I can tell you that may be helpful is that all of this double-BARNETT family came from Suwalki, Poland (then part of Suwalki Gubernia, Russia).  I can also tell you that many of my wife's grandmother's siblings (the TYLZANSKI clan also immigrated to England and Wales, and they all took the surname BARNETT.  Unfortunately, we do not know why BARNETT was chosen as the name to adopt, although there was a famous BARNETT rabbi in the past, and also, my wife's great-grandfather was named Berek (aka Dov Ber) TYLZANSKI, and the surname BARNETT is a derivative of the animal "bear" (as is Berek, Dov and Ber).  I can also tell you that the first immigrant that we know of from my wife's paternal grandmother's family was Meer Leizer TYLZANSKI, who had become Lazarus BARNETT before either of Rosalie's grandparents had left Suwalki.  Lazarus had immigrated to England circa 1888 and appears in the 1891 census as Lazarus BARNETT.  My wife's grandparents both came after 1900 and were married in 1907 in the Goat Street Synagogue in Swansea.

Perhaps there are some clues there for either you or Barry Clarke!

Brian Neil Burg
Fullerton, CA, USA
Researching BARNETT in England and Wales; CHAJKIELSON, TYLZANSKI, GOLUBSKI, WASZKIEWICZ, and CZAPINSKI in and around Suwalki, Poland and Szaki and Marijampol, Lithuania; also KABAKOV, FRIEDMAN & PORTNOI in Dokshitsy, Belarus; FRYDMAN, GUTMAN, JASKULKA and JASTRZAB in Sokolow Podlaski and Wegrow, Poland; BURG, KLEIN[ER], ALTER, HALPERIN and ZUKERKANDL in or around Zloczow and Podkamien, Galicia (now Zolochiv and Pidkamin', Ukraine); BEILIN & RISHKIN in Klintsy, Mstislavl, Gomel and Surazh in the former gubernias of Chernigov and Mogilev.

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