Re: Family of DAVID BARNETT b 1831 & ANNA SAMUEL b 1837 Russian Poland #poland

Brian Neil Burg


In response to your question about original RUSSIAN/POLISH/HEBREW names of BARNETTs, you can see from my reply to Walter Scott that there seems to be no set pattern to the naming, with my wife's family having original surnames of CHAJKIELSON and TYLZANSKI, both of which became BARNETT.  Not only that, but some GOLUBSKIs in her family changed their name to JOSEPHSON after first emigrating from Suwalki to Sundsvall, Sweden, and one of her TYLZANSKI relatives changed his name from Abram Mordechai TYLZANSKI to Henry MARCUS!  Lots of surname changes with no apparent rhyme or reason (although GOLUBSKIs who changed to JOSEPHSON at least had a father named Josiel, a form of Joseph).  Bottom line: name changes were often total makeovers with no obvious reference to original names.

The big question for you is: do you know from what towns in Poland your family originated?  That may help because if Suwalki was one of them, your BARNETTs and my wife's BARNETTs may be connected.

Brian Burg
Fullerton, CA, USA

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